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My name is Kathleen Kiefer. If you are wondering why I offer my services pro bono (no cost), let me explain. For the last 40 years I have worked in project management, communications, work place development, career counseling, writing, photography and design. I have had jobs as cultural resource supervisor, public information officer, project manager, employment counselor, writer, filmmaker, photographer, graphic artist, and cartographer. I am now a full-time volunteer in Bhutan working for the Ten Sum Department of the Zhung Dratshang. I have earned and saved enough money that I can spend the last part of my life serving and supporting others. This was my plan for a long-time and in the last ten years I have been able to achieve it. I now offer my 40 plus years of expertise, and experience to support the success of others. Many people helped me on my journey through life. I can now do that for others.


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